Bobby Bushcraft Bio

Bobby is a photographer, videographer, media producer and advisor for commercial and private ventures in various industries including the entertainment industry, luxury brands, outdoor and firearms industries to politics and news industries.  He is a published photographer his work can be seen in several books, magazines and in online articles. 

Bobby has provided content for large companies and small businesses alike. He has a passion to create and collaborate with clients to accomplish their vision in various campaigns and projects. 

Bobby is an American Patriot, a retired 28-year law enforcement officer. A five-year U.S. Army Military Police Veteran and 23 years on a large city police department retiring as a Sergeant.  

Photography is a passion which Bobby has been involved with from a young age and pursued throughout his life. Bobby currently provides low-cost photographic services to the general public while he continues to work with celebrities, large and small companies, nonprofit organizations and political figures.